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Our scripts are now free.
Imagine being able to give a live Tarot Card Reading Online over the internet. How many more clients would you be able to reach?

Try it at:
Contact Us for access. State that you want access to trial Tarot Master 3.

This script allows you to give Live Tarot Readings to your clients online any where in the world!

Tarot Master 3 has a slick interface that does not require you to create individual spreads. This is a great time saver and enhances your clients Live Tarot Reading.

See the Admin Page See the Reading Page

Our script will automatically fill in the card descriptions, which you can then modify. This is great for those new to reading Tarot cards!

No long distance charges and no 1-800 number necessary.
You send the client their unique Session Code.
They see the spread unfold as cards are selected.
You do the readings live with the built in chat module, Google Talk or Skype if you prefer.

Any spreads is possible. If you create a new database you can use it for Rune readings, etc. You are only limited by your imagination.

You can also carry on multiple sessions at the same time.

You can use it to give Tarot readings online to the deaf or those with hearing problems.

The deaf or mute can use it to give Tarot readings online.

It can be used to teach Tarot classes to an unlimited audience at the same time.

The look is fully customizable by editing the HTML and CSS!

Compatible with IE6+ , Firefox , Chrome.

The purchaser agrees to install this script on one domain (www.yoursite.com) only. If you wish to install it on another domain, you must purchase another copy/license.

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