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The easiest way to have a free Tarot Script on your site is to follow these instructions. It's free!

If you want the option to make your own spreads, use your own deck images and card descriptions then you can purchase the script here. The script is so versitle you can even use it for reading Runes. We have also created an add on module to send delayed email readings and a Paypal module so you can charge for Tarot readings.

We also have Tarot Master 2. Imagine being able to give a live Tarot Card Reading Online over the internet. How many more clients would you be able to reach? See what it can do here!

Our Tarot script is easily modifiable. Any style spread is possible by simply creating an HTML page. The text base card databases is easy to modify. If desired, you can use your own card images!

Multiple cards descriptions are possible and their reverse-descriptions.

If you are interested in a Tarot card reader or Tarot Script for your site, visit

We also have a Windows based version of the Tarot Card Reader for personal use. New spreads can be made easily if desired.