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All our images of our cage can be seen here:

Guinea Pigs need to be in herds (have company) and need room to thrive.

When we adopted our Guinea Pigs, they were in a 1 x 2 ft cage. Much too small for 2 GPs.
So we purchased a 21 in x 43 in cage and found after food bowls and shelters that there was not much running space for the GPs. And they love to run.
We wanted our Guinea Pigs out in our living space so we can frequently interact with the GP.

We found a "do it yourself" design as it could be done cheaper, and we could build it to suit.
The initial design can be found here.

We built it to 29 inch x 6 ft and feel there is enough room for them (2 - 4 GPs) , although they can always use more space.
It is built from premade wire storage kits. The pieces are 14 x 14 inches.…
There is a cleanable corrugated plastic base (chloroplast), and a strong plywood base under that.
We have cats, so we needed to have a top.

We are not going to show you how we built it, there are other instructions and videos for that. But we are going to explain challenges encountered, and modifications we made, that the videos do not cover.
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All our images of our cage can be seen here:

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