Cat Memorials

It's all about the cats!

We love cats and we are not afraid to admit it. If we could afford it we would rescue many more stays and give them a loving home.

Emotion is our oldest (1992). She has always been the nervous type, which gives her the airs of being aloof. But since the introduction of many other cats in her life she has learned to purr. She had even come to be friends with Puddertat!

In memory of Emotion

Pud died too young. (May 1997 - 16 Apr 2005) She was a stray until her third year. She hid continuously for the first three months my mother had her. Then one day she just decided to come out and be as loyal and friendly as any dog. Never forgotten.

In memory of Puddertat


Augustus Eves was rescued from starvation by Puddertat. She alerted us to his presence while at her post doing her squirrel patrol. He was just weeks old and literally a bag of bones. I am thankful we never found the owners of 'Gusto'. Ever since the arrival of Ash and Coal, he has grown from a rambunctious kitten into a mature cat.
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In Memory of Gusto
'Molly E. Cule' came as a package with our house. She is prim and proper. Except when trying to give her any medicine! Then she has the strength of 100 tiny cats! Initially from a single cat household, she never was comfortable with the other cats. When she is bold enough, she will storm up to other cats like a gorilla with her chest all puffed out. Unfortunately her stubby arms preclude her from protecting herself. She now lives downstairs, comfortably, with my mother in law.

In memory of Molly


Ashley Grey
Ashley Grey is the twin brother of Charoal Grey. It is hard to believe that these two were never adopted for the first year of their lives. Ashley is the more energetic of the two and he could play until he passed out. He keeps the house clear of flys. He is more monkey than cat. He can climb wire fences and catch birds in mid air.
In memory of Ashley
Coal Grey
Charcoal Grey is the twin brother of Ashley Grey. Coal is the lover boy of the house. He is very similar to Puddertat in temperament and size (20 lbs). He is a gentle giant who just wants to be friends with everyone. Sadly he seems to be the odd boy out during playtime. A bundle of hugs!

In memory of Charcoal


In memory of Sowen

Sowan is another stray who is a real sweetheart. We were worried the boys would terrorize tiny Sowen, as they do the other girls. She just ignores the boys and actually tires them out during play time. Coal is in love with her because she plays with him. If you look closely she looks like Oscar the Grouch with tiger tail colorings.

The twins, Ash and Coal, are really robot cats with laser eyes!

Tahl came to us through the unfortunate death of his previous owner. Tahl has one good eye but he sees better than most. He is the smallest, but is the alpha cat. He has the uncanny ability to make peace between the others. When he sticks his tounge out he looks a lot like 'Bill the Cat'.
In memory of Tahl

Neko is the youngest. He has FIV but is healthy and happy. Shannon met him in the U.S. , fell in love with him and brought him home. He is a real charmer and loves to cuddle. He has the softest fur I have ever felt.