Guinea Pig Cage : To the Top

We have cats, so we need a top.
We wanted a top that:
-Was easily removable (free floating)
-We could access and clean the whole cage
-Support bad cats jumping on the cage

To that end, we needed to add the wood supports seen in the image as the cage is 6 ft long, and it would bow under it's own weight and a cat or two, would be an issue.

We also made it so you can open either side, for easy accessibility.

The hinge was made from a light extendable curtain rod. We zip tied each side to it.

The wood supports butt up against the center plastic liner pieces. This allows the top from sliding front to back.

The wood supports have an L shape end which stop the top from shifting left and right.

The top wood supports are fastened using soft PEX clamps.

The top pieces overlap for support. They overlap 8 front to back, so there is a supporting lip. They overlap 4 on either side with a one square wide gap in the center. They are zip tied together.

We used a fleece inside over the kitchen area to give the GPs a sense of piece in that area. Predators strike from above, and GPs know that.

All our images of our cage can be seen here:

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